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Screen time in a digital age. When is it too much?

Everything is digital. Everything is accessible. And it does make our lives considerably easier. But when is it excessive; especially when talking about our pediatric population Please click on the links below to see up-to-date guidelines for all parents   Excessive_screen_time__when_should_we_worry Screen time recommendations

August 13, 2018 0

My back hurts! Is my buttocks to blame?

Please click on the link to view the PDF Gluteal strenght

July 25, 2018 0

Is my child’s speech normal??

Verbal speech forms such an important part of our day-to-day communication. It is thus important to known what forms part of normal development and when is there cause to worry Click on the link below to see if your child’s speech and language development is on track

June 25, 2018 0


Unfortunately stress is part of our modern society and we are poorly equipped to handle it. In rare circumstances the severe pressure we face daily at work/home/during our studies start affecting us in a very negative way. We call these “stressors” and some people are more susceptible to them than others. This is were the…
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July 1, 2017 0

Hypertension awareness

Hypertension or High blood pressure are one of the chronic medical conditions that we treat at our practice. It is important for every patient to know their Blood Pressure (BP) and what it entails if it is high. Please follow the link for some information regarding this condition

May 23, 2017 0