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If pathologists did not exist, where would the answers come from?

Pathology is the study of the nature and causes of diseases. It underpins every aspect of medicine, from diagnosis to monitoring, and is vital for research.Without pathologists, any answers found would be questionable to say the least. Every medical test, a case of trial and error. Exactly the kind of words you don’t want to hear when it comes to your health.

Ampath currently ranks among the top pathology laboratory in the world and is regarded as an industry leader
in South Africa. At Ampath we value and respect our patients and we strive to give the best service we can. This
information has been compiled to give you a better understanding of the impact of pathology on you as the patient,
and how we can work together to achieve quality results.

Only a healthcare professional can request pathology tests. Pathology assists doctors to:
• Make a diagnosis or exclude a diagnosis.
• Ensure the correct treatment is prescribed.
• Manage treatment and monitor levels over a period of time.

Requisition form
You will be asked to complete a requisition form with every visit to the laboratory. This will ensure that your details
are updated on the system.
The requisition form is a legal document and should be completed in your own handwriting. The requesting doctor
may ask for changes to be made to the requisition form, e.g. adding tests or copying the results to other doctors.
Ampath needs the personal information to interpret the results and to link all information to the correct patient.
Your correct personal details will also ensure that there are no errors on your account.

The following vital information is required:
• ID number – your gender and age (derived from your ID number) will determine the test reference ranges. ID
numbers are also used to access patient records on the pathology system.
• Your full name (spelling as per your ID document) which will prevent rejections by the medical aid.
• Your correct postal address so that Ampath can send you your statements.
• Ampath can claim directly from your medical aid if your correct medical aid details are provided (medical aid
name, number and dependant code).
• Your signed informed consent – which indicates that you agree to the following:
• All information is correct.
• Only the doctors on the form will receive final results.
• The guarantor is ultimately responsible for any amounts payable.
• You are aware of the tests being requested and give Ampath permission to perform these tests.

The sister will ask you questions to determine your medical history. This information helps the pathologist to
interpret your results. Your doctor can then make an informed decision on the correct course of action to take
regarding your treatment.

ICD-10 code
This code is a diagnostic code. Before you leave your doctor’s surgery please ensure that the ICD-10 code is entered
on the requisition form. This is required for chronic benefit options. Without the ICD-10 code the medical aid may
refuse payment. You, as the patient, are required to indicate on the requisition form whether you want this code to
be printed on your statement or not.

Tubes vs. tests
Depending on the tests requested, the sister will use different specimen containers to draw your blood.
In the laboratory we use different tubes for testing. Each test is performed on a specific blood component requiring
tubes with different preservatives in them to protect that specific blood component, e.g. a full blood count is done on whole blood, the preservative is EDTA, while chemistry is done on serum and this is done on a serum separating gel top tube.

Your test results will only be made available to your requesting doctor. The results are either printed and hand
delivered to the doctor or delivered electronically. The laboratory is not allowed to give the results to you or a
relative. No Ampath employee has unauthorised access to any results.

Specimen handling
All blood specimen containers must be labelled with your details (name, surname and date of birth) in your
presence, after your blood has been drawn.
Microbiology samples (stool, urine or sputum) must be submitted in an Ampath container. No ‘clean’ container other than a sterile container supplied by Ampath will be accepted.
When handling your container:
• Make sure it is closed properly and uncontaminated.
• Do not touch the inside of the container or the lid.
• Ensure there is no toilet paper or toilet water inside.

What to do with your specimen:
• If you’ve collected your specimen at home it must be put on ice or in a fridge in a separate box away from food
(but ensure that your specimen does not freeze).
• Your specimen must be taken to the nearest laboratory as soon as possible, preferably within 3 hours after
collection unless otherwise instructed.
24-hour urine collections
• Keep the bottle in an upright position and closed at all times as it might contain an acetic preservative.
• Do not urinate directly into the container; pass urine into a clean container and pour it into the bottle.
• Do not contaminate the specimen with stool, toilet water or toilet paper.
• Remember to write the date and time on the bottle.
• Don’t make any lifestyle changes during collection – this may influence the outcome of the test.

The following tests are performed on an appointment basis. The reason for this is that certain tests have special
requirements such as:
• Fasting for 10 hours.
• No medication to be taken.
• A special diet has to be followed, etc.
Tests included but not limited to:
• Glucose tolerance test.
• Skin allergy test or Cast test.
• Sweat test.
• Stimulation test.
• Semen analysis.
• Short medical for insurance.
If you need to make an appointment, please phone your nearest Ampath laboratory for assistance.

You can pay your Ampath account:
• At any Ampath depot.
• At any EasyPay outlet.
• By bank transfer.
For any queries regarding your account you can contact our debtors department in Centurion on 012 678 1001.

Compliments or complaints
We welcome your comments or suggestions for improvement at any Ampath department. You can also contact the
area manager whose telephone number is displayed at the lab or depot.
Please visit our website at to find the laboratory nearest to you.






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