“I think I am having a heart attack”

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“I think I am having a heart attack”

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One of the most frightening things to happen to an individual is severe chest pain. This is a very common complaint from patients.

A study published in the Africa Journal of Primary health care in 2016 regarding chest pain in Pretoria, Gauteng reports that “chest pain is quite common and up to 25% of the general population experience it in some form during their lifetime.” They further conclude that “The main cause of acute chest pain was found to be respiratory disease, followed by musculoskeletal disorders.”

When you consult with your doctor for chest pain, we will try to determine where the pain is originating from. Organs/Structure in the chest vicinity include the:

  • Heart
  • Lungs/Pleura
  • Stomach
  • Soft tissue like rib muscles

When should I phone an ambulance

Risk factors for a heart attack include

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Family history/Genetic
  • Obesity

Decreased your risk now by phoning our rooms for a consultation!

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