COVID-19 vaccines

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COVID-19 vaccines

May 16, 2021 Uncategorized 0

COVID-19 Vaccines…the current buzzword in all medical circles…We have found an increase in patients requesting information regarding the different types of vaccines. Everyone is wondering, curious or worried! There is a magnitude of information available in the press, social media and everyone has an opinion

We as Doctors are positive and feel everyone should get vaccinated as soon as possible!

All 3 doctors received their COVID jabs as part of the Sisonke trial back in February already (We just do not have a picture of Dr Joggie). We are currently very fortunate to have J&J and Pfizer currently in SA. These vaccines have some of the best results currently.

The next few link will hopefully ally some fears and answer some questions. Please feel free to book an appointment to discuss any other specific worries

Basic information on the different vaccines

Vaccine worries – Hopkins medicine

An extremely comprehensive Vaccines summary

For those with access to facebook – this is a very good summary regarding most common questions: Gauteng general practitioners collaboration

Take care and stay safe!








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